Neighboring on Second Embassy Area and Worker’s Stadium, Sanlitun SOHO is most internationalized of the shopping districts in Beijing, both in terms of its atmosphere and tradition. Its unique culture of consumption and leisurely surroundings are renowned throughout the world, in China and abroad. The entry of several high-end commercial projects promises to further transform Sanlitun into Beijing’s preeminent international fashion and commercial hub, offering a diverse and eclectic mix of retail, dining, and leisure facilities that will be unrivalled elsewhere in the city.

There is already a population of high income and internationalized people that live in, work in, or regularly visit New Sanlitun, as there are a number of retail facilities, such as Ya Xiu Clothing Market, 3.3 Shopping Center, and Nali Mall, which have gained wide popularity. The series of new developments will entice more mainstream international brands to the area, making it even more of a shopping destination within Beijing than it already is. It is not long before the many restaurants, bars, and nightclubs in the area are joined by an influx of more up-market and trendy offerings, ranging from members’ clubs and cigar lounges to informal cafes and fine restaurants. Accordingly, Sanlitun is set to become more bountiful, lavish, and chic.


Located near 3rd Ring Road, Sanlitun has excellent transportation conditions, interchanging with the airport expressway and only minutes away from CBD. With Subway Line 10 ready to open this June, this district is an ideal office location for many companies. It will continually attract an increasing number of creative enterprises and industries in search of better ways of living.

Commercial Format

Central to Sanlitun’s evolution will be Sanlitun SOHO. The development will comprise of an extensive mix of retail, food & beverage, and leisure facilities. Its retail facilities will be divided into five towers, linked by sky bridges on the upper floors and by a sunken garden underground. The entire complex will be set around an integral landscaped sunken garden street scene that flows through the heart of the development. The variety of street retail and indoor boutiques will create a diverse, rich, and hip retail atmosphere which will be quite unlike anything else in Beijing.

Sanlitun SOHO will incorporate international brands, with a variety of trendy boutiques that will be first choice to Sanlitun’s young and fashionable shoppers. Aside from fashion, SOHO Sanlitun will address gaps in the market by creating dedicated areas to homewares and furnishings, personal care, electronics and technology, and a children’s zone. To preserve Sanlitun’s long “global” tradition and attract target consumers there, the retail will be infused by an exciting array of authentic international cuisine with both formal and informal restaurants and cafes.

Building on Sanlitun’s current strengths and attractions, SOHO Sanlitun will offer new alternatives and will become a creative hub set to inspire tourists, officegoers, and residents alike.

Retail Establishments

Shopfronts: More than 150 shopfronts, with over 1,000 meters of shopwindows facing the street and more than 10,000 square meters of shop floor space. Elevators: Over 70 elevators (includes passenger, cargo, and fire elevators). Escalators: 59 escalators, spread out across the commercial space between floors B1-F5.

The retail areas are all conjoined on Floor B1, with four floors (five floors in certain sections) above ground; floors 2 and 3 have outdoor podiums, which are interconnected via stars and linking bridges; Area of the standard shop floor on above ground levels 1-4 is over 23,000 square meters.

The retail portion that occupies B1-F4 (and part of F5) is composed of five retail blocks of differing sizes, connected by the shopping colonnade on level B1. Through the main entryway on the northern end, the outdoor space invites an influx of people inside from the intersection of Sanlitun Road and Gongti North Road, all the way to the southern end of the site. This exterior space defines the lines of motion, giving spatial unity and confluence to the retail sections on the lower levels, especially the B1 sunken street level. At the southern extreme of this sunken street and garden, there is a piazza, where various seasonal outdoor activities can be held. This forms the heart of the site – a destination drawing in the people of the area.

The malls are interconnected under the retail blocks, which can accommodate an assortment of commercial themes. In this way, the underground shop floor intermixes with the atriums and courtyards and its upper space, endowing the layout with a heterogeneous character. Also, these vertical spaces will entice shoppers to the upper floors of each retail block.

Outside of the retail blocks, particularly on the side facing the sunken garden, terraces are designed on floors 2 and 3, which are interconnected by stairs and bridges. In this way, the separated blocks and levels are given both visual and physical relation to each other, forming a network of three dimensional commercial streetscapes above the sunken street.

The design achieves multiple distinct qualities within the relatively vast site of Sanlitun SOHO, to meet people’s various needs. The area serves not only as a commercial facility, but as a plaza to enjoy, rest, and meet friends.

The commercial floor arrangement of Sanlitun SOHO is reasonably partitioned into regular shapes for convenient use. Both the layout and the streamlined design create dynamism within the area. The shops are closely arrayed, with each facing both the internal colonnade and the outer street, so that the commercial area is free of dead corner shops and is conducive to foot traffic and shopping. Here we will find the brightest congregation of business in the Sanlitun area, possessing investment potential.

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Sanlitun SOHO

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