Above the retail blocks, there are four residential towers of various footprints, up to 97 meters in height. The residential towers are located on the south side of the site, ideal for sunlight, highly accessible to the street. Both the organic shape of the towers and the edgeless, continuous space between the buildings soften the impact when seen from the distance and also give the towers high contact with fresh air and daylight.

The entrances to the towers are placed closely to the lively surroundings, while at the same time instilling the upper floors with an independent, private space for work and living. Above the retail block of the fifth floor, a mid-rise building is set off from the other towers with its particular shape, forming one of this project’s landmarks.

Tower B

The basic concept behind this tower to generate warmth and a sense of contemporariness through a neutral, yet bold palette. We are able to achieve this by using light wall surfaces, warmed up and contrasted by wood, which is used extensively throughout for the flooring and the main architectural details. In this neutral ‘canvass’ the introduction of black elements acts to reinforce the basic chromatic scheme and to identify the features within the space. The design of the space allows a comfortable and natural flow within the apartments’ different areas and functions. For the public space, we develop an approach of sophistication and warmth, where the use of a textural stone is the main background surface and where wood is only used as an accent. In contrast with the stone, full height panels with enlarged Chinese details are applied in patterns on the main wall surfaces to soften the architectural space, to introduce a subtle Chinese cultural reference and to create an ‘abstract feeling’ to de-materialize the space.

Tower C

Creating airy, open, light reflecting spaces, has been the initial basic concept which we applied for the Interior Design of this tower. To enhance this feeling we added bold contrasting black elements and we accented the spaces with additional hues.

In the public lobby area this has been achieved creating, at the same time, a gallery feeling, where black oversized frames highlight enlarged details of black and white photos of traditional Chinese buildings and cultural heritage, standing firmly in a studied rhythm, on the light polished flooring of the lobby. There a translucent blue reception counter welcomes the residents in, introducing the blue hue as the motif that is carried through as a graphic vertical element on the photos and, as a architectural detail, within the elevator areas.

The same feeling is also consistently carried through in all the apartments, where the use of the space allows open living areas exposed to natural light for the ‘active’ zone and a clear definition and separation for the ‘quilt’ zone.

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