Office Variations

Above the retail blocks, there are five off towers of various footprints, up to 97 meters in height. The office towers are located on the north side of the site, ideal for sunlight, highly accessible to the street. Both the organic shape of the towers and the edgeless, continuous space between the buildings soften the impact when seen from the distance and also give the towers high contact with fresh air and daylight.

The entrances to the towers are placed closely to the lively surroundings, while at the same time instilling the upper floors with an independent, private space for work and living. The office lobbies are placed on the first floor, enhancing efficiency and creating synergies between the commercial activities and working environment. Above the retail block of the fifth floor, a mid-rise building is set off from the other towers with its particular shape, forming one of this project’s landmarks.

An Inviting Workplace

At the lobby, the wood and acrylic panels make a design unit which spirals upward toward the ceiling and extends beyond the wall. The cubic combination of the transparent and opaque materials create a mysterious space with spiraling and floating wood boards. Structured in atypical fashion, the usual material presents diverse images from the differing angles and positions. By stimulating human recognition and sense, the design leads to human re-deliberation of the relationship between material and consciousness.

On the ceilings of the public corridor, the lay-out of the black metal light boxes highlights the long and thin characteristics of the space. The light, metal and floating elements, albeit quite different from each other, blend in a way that adds interest to the space as a whole.

Other places also stress the materiality of the materials and play down their intrinsic quality purposefully. By altering the intrinsic meaning of the materials through the many hidden elements, we have awakened the long-lost consciousness of those materials and transformed the Sanlitun SOHO office into a stage bounding in creativity.

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Sanlitun SOHO

South Side of Gongti North Road

Chaoyang District, Beijing

100027 China